Connecticut Forsyths

GILBERT FORSYTH was born 15 Apr 1659 in Ballindollach, Co. Banff, Scotland, and died in Hartford, Connecticut.


Gilbert Forsyth, was one of the earliest settlers of the Town of Hartford, Connecticut. In 1675, he was in the King Philips War in Massachusetts before being given military lands in Connecticut in 1682.

In a book called “A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records.” Compiled by Charles William Manwaring, Volume I, Hartford District 1635-1700, page 78, it lists Gilbert Forsyth as receiving 1 Chain (22 yards = 1 chain) and 72 Links (100 links = 1 chain) ofproperty bounded South upon Thomas Swetman and North upon Thomas Bennett. The property disbursement reads:

We, the Subscribers, being appointed a Committe by the Proprietors of the Undivided Five Miles of Lans lying on the East Side of the Great River, to lay out Three Miles and One Hundred Rodds of said Land on the East Side, next to Bolton, from Windsor to Glastonbury Bounds, to be divided to the Original Proprietors or their heirs according to their Rate as it stands Recorded in the Towne Book, including necessary Ways, accordingly Wee Proceeded as followeth: Beginning at the South East Corner, extending West upon the line divideing between Glastonbury and Hartford Two Hundred and Fourty Rods to a Highway Thirty Rods wide, said Highway extending that width due North to Windsor Bounds, said Highway being the Butment of the West End of the Eastermost Tier of Lotts, and butting East upon Bolton Bounds, Wee began first at Glastonbury and laid out, beginning at No.

Gilbert was a shoemaker and farmer coming from the Highlands of Scotland to the United States in Connecticut before 1670. He first lived around Boston, Massachusetts and was in “King Philip’s” war between 1675-1677. (King Philip was the name given by British settlers to an Indian Chieftain, who led a large coalition of tribes in a war attempting to regain their tribal lands. This war lasted several years ending with the ambush and death of King Philip in 1676.)

In 1683, Gilbert was settled on the Connecticut River in the town of Hartford, CT. He was last listed as living there in July 1731.

Gilbert came through the “Great Swamp Fight” in Captain James Oliver’s military company from Boston.

Gilbert took the Oath of Allegiance on April 21, 1679 and settled in Hartford Connecticut in 1682.

(From the Historical Notes of Conn., No. 1, Hartford, William S. Porter (Hartford, April 1842) page 37.


In the book “Soldiers in King Philip’s War, by George M. Bodge 1896, page 176 (copy available), it lists Gilbert Foresight being paid 2 lbs 14 shillings for his service on June 24, 1676 along with 11 other individuals. Also on page 177, in Captain Oliver’s Soldiers, it lists Gilbert Fforesyth as one of seven soldiers under Major Savidge.

It lists Gilbert Forsith receiving 4 pounds 2 shillings for various services from Dec. 10, 1675 to July 24, 1676 and lists Gilbert Foresight on page 363 to have received 4 pounds, 1 shilling for services on December 20, 1675

Gilbert Forsyth’s son was James Forsyth. He moved to Groton, Connecticut, where he married Hannah Lester (of Mayflower Descent) on September 9, 1708.

James Forsyth served in the French and Indian War:

From the French & Indian War Rolls (1755-1757, Vol. l, page 203 – Captain Cone’s Company:

James fought in the French & Indian War.

“Colony of Connecticut to Captain Daniel Cone and the Company under his command in Col. Jonathan Trumble’s Regiment for there (sic) Service at the time of the Alarm for Relief of Fort William Henry and places adjacent.”

“A Roll of the Company under the Command of Captain Daniel Cone belonging to the 12th Regiment under the command of Co. Jonathan Trumble, Esq.

James Forsyth

“each of the above names served 15 days from Aug 9 to August 24, 1757”

“Sixty-two of the above named rode horses from East Haddam”

James Forsyth

Given Name: James

Surname: Forsyth

Page #: 171

LOCATION: Connecticut

Regiment: Fourth

REGT.COMMAND: Fitch, Eleazer Colonel & Captain

Company: Twelfth

CO.COMMAND: Bishop, Nicholas Captain


One of their sons, James Forsyth (1711-1760) married Mary Mason in 1732 and moved to Colchester, Connecticut. One of their sons, James Forsyth (1739-1806), moved to the Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania, in 1769, moved to Canada in 1778, and settled in the Falls of Niagara in 1783. He had five children: Caleb Forsyth who settled near Hamilton, Ontario; Daniel Forsyth who settled near Point Abino, near Fort Erie; William Forsyth (1774-1841) who lived at the Falls but moved to Fort Erie in 1832; Sarah Forsyth who married Christopher Buchner; and John Forsyth (1781-1812) who moved to New York State in 1799 and settled at Warrens Corners, Niagara Co., New York, in 1805.

The Old Homestead


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