The Mayflower

The Mayflower

The Elder spiritual leader of the Plymouth Religious Colony.

Elder 1 Brewster came on Mayflower to Plymouth, Mass., December 16, 1620. Born about 1566-7 at Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, England. Died at Plymouth, April 10, 1644. Wife Mary, born about 1569, died April 17, 1627.

Their son, Jonathan2, born at Scrooby, Aug. 12, 1593; died at New London, Aug. 7, 1659. Married April 10, 1624, Lucretia Oldham, died March 4, 1678. Jonathan Brewster did not join his family on the Mayflower in 1620, He stayed behind in Leyden instead with his wife, who died soon after, and their infant son, who also died. Brewster then came to America on the ship Fortune in 1621.

Their daughter Elizabeth3 Brewster, born May 1, 1637; died 1708. Married Sept. 7, 1653, Peter Bradley, died April 3, 1662.

OF NOTE- It appears that Elizabeth (Brewster) Bradley had been accused of some scandalous behavior:  MB&D, Roser I:261, 262, Footnote 6: Christopher’s wife Mary died in July of 1676.  Connecticut county court records at New London, September,1673, however, tell an interesting story. About three years before Chistophers wife’s death, it seems that Elizabeth  “Brawly” [Bradley, by then a widow with four children] was found guilty of fornication with Christopher Christophers who was a “married man,” the second of such offenses, and she was now   “neare the time of delivery.” Delaying punishing due to her condition, the court nonetheless noted  the “haniousness” of this crime and stated that she was to appear in public at a later date displaying the notice:  “Let the punishment of my whore dome be a warning to others; or else to pay fifteen pound fyne.” Elizabeth chose to pay the fine.  Despite this fact the Brewsters recorded the birth of John Christopers as the son of Christopher and his wife Elizabeth <Brewster Book, MD 1:7

See Christopher Christopher’s gravestone in Ye Olde Antientest Burial Ground , New London CT (YouTube Video Link Below).

Their daughter Hannah4 Bradley, born Sept. 17, 1656. Married Andrew Lester, born Dec. 26, 1664.

Their daughter Hannah5 Lester, born July 19, 1685. Married Sept. 7, 1708, James Forsyth.

Their son Gilbert Forsyth married Mary Bishop and immigrated to Nova Scotia. (See Nova Scotia Tab)


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